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Calderdale Wind Farm would be located on Walshaw Moor which is currently used as a grouse moor and farmland.

Whilst we are still at a very early part of the design stage, the proposed site spans 2,352 ha either side of the three Walshaw Dean Reservoirs (Lower, Middle and Upper) approximately 3km southeast from Trawden. The area is predominantly peatland with boggy areas but there are sections of very poor agricultural land as well as forested areas. The site is also currently the subject of a Catchment Restoration Plan (CRP) in conjunction with Natural England which aims to deliver long-term improvements to the moorland.

Walshaw Moor has a huge wind resource providing a unique opportunity to harness the power of this abundant renewable energy resource.

Restoration Plan

Natural England and Walshaw Moor Estate have worked together to design a long term plan to deliver Estate wide environmental benefits. The plan is called the Walshaw Moor Catchment Restoration Plan and contains a series of integrated measures that work together to restore, protect and enhance the bog habitat over the lifetime of the plan from 2017 until 2042.

The plan has eight objectives outlined below:

1. Rural economy: To maintain and support a wide range of rural businesses and boosting local employment.

2. Water: To enhance water quality and alleviate flood risk to local communities including Hebden Bridge.

3. Carbon: To promote the growth of peat forming species including Sphagnum Moss to achieve a net reduction in Carbon.

4. Biodiversity: To preserve and enhance the condition of South Pennine Moors SSSI features.

5. Climate change and future safeguarding against wildfire: To mitigate against wildfire by re-wetting the moor and effective management of vegetation.

6. Access & recreation: To maintain the levels of access and recreation and promote understanding of the restoration plan and its wider benefits.

7. Landscape: To maintain and enhance the unique landscape of the South Pennine Moors.

8. Adaptive management: To take opportunities to trial new management techniques in response to new evidence where appropriate.

Walshaw Moor
Estate Ltd

Calderdale Wind Farm’s proposal site falls within the Walshaw Moor Estate which covers approximately 16,000 acres of mixed habitat including blanket bog, wet and dry heath, acid grassland, flushes, bracken and woodland. The Estate is managed as a private grouse moor, employing full time game keepers and supporting a number of farming enterprises.

Calderdale Wind Farm’s proposals offer additional environmental measures that go above and beyond the objectives within the Catchment Restoration Plan. As part of the proposals Calderdale Wind Farm would commit to the delivery of the following activities in support of the plan:

Planting of 300,000 new tress across the Estate

Flood mitigation for Hebden Bridge

Bio-diversity net gain across Walshaw Moor

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