calderdale wind farm


Working with
the local community

If consented, Calderdale Wind Farm will support the local economy and present many opportunities for the local community for years to come.

We want to work closely with the communities in and around Calderdale to ensure they benefit from the project to help address identified local challenges such as the current energy and cost of living crisis.

Around 16,500 households in Calderdale are living in fuel poverty, with around 1,200 of these being within the HX7 postcode area. We are exploring how a Community Benefit Fund could be used to provide direct financial support to these households across the 30 year operational lifetime of Calderdale Wind Farm.

Calderdale Wind Farm’s proposals represent significant benefits to the local community:

Generate enough renewable energy to power 310,372 homes for a year

Saves 426,246 tonnes of CO2 per year

Circa. £500m of privately funded investment into the local economy

£2.5m annual Community Benefit Fund paid to Calderdale Council to help relieve fuel poverty for 30 years

Enhanced flood mitigation measures to help protect against future flooding

Annual GVA boost of £26.2 million once operational

wind farms?

A substantial amount of carbon emissions come from energy used across power, heating and transport. By using renewable energy such as wind turbines we can reduce carbon emissions created by traditional fossil fuel consumption.

Wind power, as the most advanced renewable technology available on a large scale, has a vital role to play in achieving Net Zero by 2050.

By bringing wind turbines to Calderdale we are:

  • Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels
  • Improving energy security by reducing imports
  • Meeting government targets
  • Tackling climate change

The carbon footprint of wind power is:

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