Calderdale Wind Farm

A unique opportunity
for Calderdale

Looking to the future. Working in harmony with the world’s natural energy sources.

Worldwide Renewable Energy Global Ltd (WWRE) is proposing to develop what could become one of England’s largest onshore wind farms on moorland above Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines.

The proposal site is located on Walshaw Moor, approximately six miles north east of Hebden Bridge and five miles east of Burnley.

At a time of global energy insecurity we believe that now is the moment to explore how we can produce more low-carbon energy and take advantage of the UK’s position as the windiest country in Europe.

By working in collaboration with a single landowner, an experienced professional team and with the support of local stakeholders there is a real opportunity to put Calderdale at the forefront of the UK’s Net Zero ambitions subject to final Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) approval.

Up to 65 wind turbines

Up to 302 MW of renewable electricity generated

Enough renewable electricity to power Up to 310,372 homes a year

Saves Up to 426,246 tonnes of CO2 per year

150MW battery storage included on site

£2.5m per year community benefit fund

up to 300,000 new trees planted across the site

Opportunity to include southern facing solar panels

Security Crisis

In April 2022, the UK Government released the British Energy Security Strategy setting out its 10-point plan to increase the UK’s energy security, fight the global climate crisis and help the UK meet its legally binding ‘net zero by 2050’ target.

Referring to onshore wind, the report states:

Onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of renewable power. The UK already has over 14GW of onshore wind, with a strong pipeline of future projects in Scotland. We will improve national network infrastructure and, in England, support a number of new projects with strong local backing.”

The report goes on to state:

“The Government is serious about delivering cheaper, cleaner,
more secure power, so we need to consider all options.”

This must include lifting the moratorium banning new onshore wind projects in England. With eight in ten people supporting onshore wind, the moratorium has been a major anomaly in British energy policy.

The international situation has shown now, more than ever, the importance of securing the UK’s energy security. Calderdale Wind Farm believes it is uniquely placed to contribute towards the UK’s energy security through its proposals at Walshaw Moor and to set the standard for how onshore wind is delivered in England.

Introducing WWRE

Looking to the future. Working in harmony with the world’s natural energy sources.

Our team have a wealth of experience in investing in renewable energy-based assets, with the goal of securing long term, low risk income streams on behalf of local authorities, government, pension funds, Sovereign Wealth Funds and substantial private family offices.

We invest in long term renewable energy and to enhance the sustainability of local communities, and at the same time assisting small island nations to become self sufficient in generation of energy.

We provide investment in renewable energy sources including Wind, Photo Voltaic, Waste to Energy, Hydrogen and Tidal.

WWRE and Calderdale Wind Farm Limited are delighted to be working with Energy Horizon II Investment Company, which is providing the initial funding to support the planning and delivery of Calderdale Wind Farm.

Energy Horizon II Investment Company is experienced in funding global greenfield renewable energy projects, accepting the inherent development risks that other funders often will not.

The company’s operating practice is not to retain long-term majority shareholding in its projects. Therefore, should planning consent for Calderdale Windfarm be obtained, the majority shareholding in Calderdale Wind Farm Ltd will be sold to UK-based companies, investment or pension funds.

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